Laurent Niclot all day demonstration

  • 20 Oct 2023
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Dale's shop


  • All day demonstration

Registration is closed

This will be an all-day demonstration at Dale's shop.  Please register and pay for this event using our website; the cost is $25.00.  Laurent will feature two subjects:

In the Morning: Sphere & Carving 

Roughing out and turning of a perfect sphere between centers and remounting for the finishing using a jam chuck made out of green wood.  The sphere is a very pure shape but is also one of the most complicated. It is a great canvas for carving and texturing as well as a pleasant shape that will put forward the beauty of the wood grain.

Carving: Using a previously turned form, drawing of a spiralling design, carving using power tools to make the design both concave and convex. Then, using a woodburner and rotary tools, texturing of the flutes and beads created. Then coloring the form with ink and gilding wax (optional). The techniques used in the presentation can be applied on a multitude of forms. The texturing  possibilities presented will open the participants minds and encourage them to try these techniques with whatever tools they have available, without having to procure specific burrs.

In the Afternoon: Teapot & Drop

Teapot: Turning of a miniature teapot (approximately an inch) using the bedan and demonstration on how to use it with the bevel up for spindle turning, hollowing of the teapot with miniature hollowing tools. Then turning of the lid and the spout (magnifiers not included) and coloring using Indian ink and gilding wax to create the Damascus steel effect. Finally, demonstration on how the make the handle using a wire and a cotton string on the lathe.

Drop: Turning and turning off-center of a drop using a spindle gouge and a skew. Then carving of the top of the drop using gouges and rasps to make it thinner and have two different curves on the back and the front giving it an illusion of movement. And finally, texturing of the drop using a woodburner to create a Steampunk design, a combination of gears and metal plates, and coloring using Indian ink and gilding wax. 

You can find our more about Laurent here.

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