Cascade Woodturners Association

Cascade Woodturners Association is an all-volunteer organization.  If you would like to contact the association, please email one or more of the board members at an email address shown below.

OFFICERS and Board Members


President:  Gary Borders,

Vice President:  Russ Coker –

Secretary:  Steve Walgrave -

Treasurer: Ken Kirkman -

Board Members:

Past President: Rick Rich -

Video Librarian: Suzanne Jensen -

Librarian: Len Otto -


Newsletter Editor:  Jerry Klug –

Website Editor: Kathleen Duncan –

Member at large:  David Williams –

Safety Officer:  Harvey Rogers -

Mentor Coordinator: Skip Burke -

MEETING location

Because of the cornonavirus Cascade Woodturners Association is not meeting physically, but it holding meetings virtually using Zoom.

Before coronavirus Cascade met at the Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute, which is located at 4222 NE 158th Avenue in Portland, Oregon.

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